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The minimalist light luxury style Honour enjoy fashionable new changes

All show luxury Changed along with you The difference between traditional New upgrade

  • 20Full aluminium wardrobe light luxury box minimalist style aluminum and custom rendering
  • Whole aluminum european-style door88Box, cabinet door aluminum and custom rendering

High-end cabinets wardrobe aluminum production base》》The males show aluminum industry

Power companies Quality guarantee Multiple series overview the whole house

  • The males show aluminum industry
    Set design Research and development Production and sales

    Male show aluminum has a professional design team,Independent research and development ability,Constantly develop new products to meet customers growing demand;Committed to the development of modern fashion household products,To build the modern healthy living。

  • Production workshop and warehouse
    It happened10000The production workshop and warehouse

    Male show aluminum's own:20Research and development design team,Extrusion workshop,Painting workshop,Deep processing workshop ; With a large warehouse,One thousand tons of inventory,3Large nc milling machine; Guarantee the dealer's limitation

  • The exquisite craftsmanship
    Ten years of experience in aluminum production,Research and development of novel styles,Rich in color,The structure is reasonable

    Males show aluminium ten years production experience,Research and development of novel styles,Rich in color,The structure is reasonable,With first-class design and exquisite craftsmanship,To provide agents of perfect combination of artistic style of Chinese and western furniture profiles,Create contain profound humanistic thought of high quality life。

  • Service is more superior

    Male show in line with strives for the survival by the quality、By the good faith strives for the development The principle of,The pursuit of excellence,Never stop。Strive to get“The male show”Brand into household profile industry leading brand,Good quality for millions of families in the world、Products and better service

Household custom caseThe effect

The quality of choice You don't

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The male showAluminum

Foshan males show aluminum co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“The males show aluminum industry”)Is a professional research and development、Design、Production、Sales for the integration of the whole house all aluminum furniture manufacturers,The main full aluminium household custom、Aluminum production wholesale business。Male show aluminum main products including full aluminium magnesium alloy titanium household(Cabinets、The wardrobe、The bookcase、Wine、The bathroom ark、Tea table, etc)Customization。The company has professional design team,Independent research and development ability,Committed to the development of modern fashion aluminium alloy household products,To build the modern healthy living。

The company is located in“The first town of aluminum material in China”As Dali town, located in nanhai district, foshan city,Adhering to the foshan aluminum quality advantages of good public praise。Since the company since its establishment,Relying on scientific management、Strong research and development capabilities and advanced production technology,Scale is growing,Improve the quality。The company's products design root of traditional culture at the same time,Also blended in western fashion elements,With first-class design and exquisite craftsmanship,Provide agent with Chinese and western art style full of perfect combination of aluminum furniture profile,Create contain profound humanistic thought of high quality life。

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The national free hotline:400-8232-515

The minimalist light of luxuryCreative customization

Creative experience To build exclusive creative household space

  • Grasp the market measures
    Grasp the market measuresGrasp the market measures

    In the face of custom home huge market blue ocean,Strong consumer experience,Building belongs to the household space,Through the quality of the healthy environmental protection、The rich fashion style,Unified brand operation mode,Become the new benchmark,The market consumption binge

  • Look for the main force of market consumption
    Look for the main force of market consumptionLook for the main force of market consumption

    As consumer consciousness awakening and the upgrading of consumption concept,People on the quality of life、The requirements of the space that occupy the home and personalization of demand is higher and higher,Environmental health consciousness also more and more strong,According to the survey data show:Most of the new generation of consumers minimalist custom household,As the main consumer market80After,90Since the market most minimalist light much customization household,Minimalist custom home are in the market development。

  • Consumer demand for household space
    Consumer demand for household spaceConsumer demand for household space

    Customize the household as the current household building materials tuyere,Has been more and more household consumption mainstream attention and favor。The minimalist light much customization is a kind of household more can reflect the quality of life in the way of life,It represents the pursuit of high quality life details。To give to the consumer an exclusive's quality of life and the life attitude of space,Therefore more able to meet consumer demand for household space。


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